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 TSC1 Surveyor Controller™
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TSC1 Surveyor Controller

The Trimble Survey Controller™ software meets surveyors' toughest demands for higher productivity, total flexibility, and top quality from their instruments. You can switch seamlessly between:

  • Trimble GPS total stations,
  • Trimble and third-party conventional and robotic total stations, and
  • third-party laser range finders to complete every element of any project.
Advanced interoperability features make working with combined GPS and conventional survey data simple and efficient. All your survey project data is organized into a single Job file that can be loaded into a single office software package.

The Trimble Survey Controller software "talks to" the entire Trimble office software suite. Data can be readily transferred to and from third-party survey, design or GIS software packages via Trimble office software.

Trimble Survey Controller software runs on the Trimble TSC1™ data collector. This compact, rugged data collector:

  • is a powerful, multitasking field computer
  • is built tough, especially for use in the harsh surveying environment.
  • stores an entire job in internal RAM, or uses PC data cards for additional unlimited storage.

Innovative features and capabilities help speed up and improve the accuracy of every surveying operation, from establishing control to measurements to stakeout, for both GPS and conventional instruments. The in-field, real-time map display shows you all the points, lines, curves and roads in the database while you work.

With support for

  • radio and cellular communication links,
  • Trimble's new extended RTK (eRTK™) technology for single-base, multibase and virtual reference station networks, and
  • upcoming DGPS services around the world,

Trimble Survey Controller software puts you out front-and keeps you there. A significant component of the Trimble Toolbox, Trimble Survey Controller software is the complete solution for Integrated Surveying™ in your business.

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TSC1 Surveyor Controller

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